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Do shoppers make decisions in their head, or heart? How does the answer affect sales and profitability?
Online buying decisions depend on how a website inspires and captures emotions. Whatever the appropriate emotions happen to be.

The Shopify platform leads the industry in both design (for emotion) and capability (for comfort levels: yours and the shopper). Shopify continuously assesses customer's decision processes, buying patterns, trust levels. These aspects keep the Shopify platform relevant and highly competitive. 

Jan loves Shopify. She thinks like a small business owner first, like a designer second and like a non-techie third. Importantly, running a business with Shopify saves time so that everyone can free-up more of the business day to other demands.  

Beautiful and evocative ecommerce web pages

World of Tea in Ottawa, Canada: new website for 2018 release
Down East Coffee Roasters
home page World of Tea, 2018, Ottawa
Coffee, Down East, 2017
Down East Tea Selection