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Be amazing and engaging online.

In 18 years of creating business websites, Jan finds that obstacles remain the same for small businesses: Sufficient time and resources. 

In 2019 there are more creative and budget-savvy ways to be beautiful online and to inspire people. This means that web developers are not billing for re-inventing the wheel. Just for taking care of business that you don't have enough time for. Even though you want to and you could.

Unless you are looking for a custom build website: Talk to Jan at emberry.  Painless, pleasant and a bright new beginning.

Garden Connections, Toronto, Ontario

Case study 1: Encouraging people to visit the family vineyard as a venue for peaceful contemplation, spiritual direction and feeling great.
Important: Stand apart from typical winery marketing and typical 'quality of life' coaching.

Annette, Beamsville, Ontario

Case study 2: Small business competing in the lifestyle sector for beautiful-home features in downtown condos.
Important: Motivate condo owners to want beautiful balconies; in the way that owners want/expect beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.

Hudson Park, Ottawa

Case study 3: Giving kudos and providing resources to residents of a luxury condo building. Creating a mode of communication outside of social media and elevator chat.
Important: Simple to update, helpful to users and stunning.