Best eCommerce platform


A willingness to whip-out a credit-card depends on the feel of a site, product presentation; ease of purchase, and especially, a ‘feel-safe’ checkout.

The Shopify platform leads the eCommerce industry and has superb creative product-page function, as well as integral social media capabilities. The checkout process is well-known by shoppers and entirely comfortable.

NOTE: Not all Shopify templates are created equal. Speed and stability are essential. So too is the backing of active developers who are always improving their templates.

And Shopify provides 24/7 support. 

Two examples of eCommerce with Shopify by Jan Morgan

home page World of Tea, 2018, Ottawa
Coffee, Down East, 2017
Down East Tea Selection

Easy to manage?

Once built, Shopify product pages are easy to self-manage. If you choose to control stock levels and accounting from your website, Shopify give excellent support.

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