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Do shoppers make decisions with their head or with their heart? How does the answer affect web design and therefore sales and profitability?
Online buying decisions depend on how a website inspires and captures emotions. It also depends on how trustworthy the site appears.

The Shopify platform leads the ecommerce industry in both design, function and capability: for your comfort levels and for the shoppers’. Continuously, Shopify research customer decision processes, the buying patterns, the perceived trust levels. By doing so, the Shopify platform continuously adapts and improves.

Jan thinks like a small business owner first and like a web designer second. She knows that running a business with Shopify opens up more sales and can actually save time too.

Two beautiful examples of ecommerce with Shopify by Jan Morgan

home page World of Tea, 2018, Ottawa
Coffee, Down East, 2017
Down East Tea Selection