first impression


Be engaging online.

In 18 years, the process for website development has changed dramatically; yet, for small business owners it is still their time and resources that are the obstacles.

Luckily, over those years, the costs for building and launching a new website have decreased. You can have more with less. There are brilliant, creative and budget-savvy ways to have a beautiful and professional website…

Example 1

This website incorporates a program for online class registration and, for purchasing memberships and passes:


Example 2

This website is an ecommerce business with just Squarespace and Paypal:


Further examples

These websites are simple yet stunning examples of how to engage and convince through text, illustration and design:

Garden Connections, Toronto, Ontario

Case study: Encourage people to try yoga therapy as a powerful support for recovery.
Important: Present the professional aspect of this yoga practice and have potential clients immediately feel comfortable enough to make contact.


Annette, Beamsville, Ontario

Case study: Small business competing in the lifestyle sector for beautiful-home features in downtown condos.
Important: Motivate condo owners to want beautiful balconies; in the way that owners want/expect beautiful kitchens and bathrooms.


Hudson Park, Ottawa

Case study: Giving kudos and providing resources to residents of a luxury condo building. Creating a mode of communication outside of social media and elevator chat.
Important: Simple to update for the volunteer residents, helpful to users, and do justice to the building’s architecture.


Talk to Jan at emberry.  It’s good to talk to someone with experience and tell them what you want. It’s good to know that websites can be done efficiently, expertly and without the big price tags.